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    Forms coming back blank

    I run a site and one of our services is a "free online quote"

    I've made the whole form, including the .asp backbone to send it off (the file itself is .asp, but im pretty sure the language is in VB). It was working fine, but now the forms will come back blank most of the time. I know they cannot be submitted blank, because I have required feilds there.

    The weird thing is, it was working flawlessly, then it started to crap out once or twice, now it rarely submits a real one.

    It might not be my coding, but I am really lost at this point.

    I'm using godaddy for a host btw.

    If you want to see the code just ask.

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    t could be bots/spiders kicking the response script off. prolly should post the appropriate code. any errors on the page? does it work for you when you test? how are you handling the required fields?


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