I am dealing with a very frustrating annoyance right now, and can't possibly understand why it is happening. Basically, I have a page with streaming video, and in order to provide interactivity without interrupting the video stream, I am attempting to use iframe's and layer.load's in order to pull in external files. I have one function which is called after a form is submitted:

function loadPage(form, menu_index, width, vid) {
path = menu_index;
contentLyr = eval(doc + '["contentLayer"]' + sty);
page_width = width;
for (count = 0; count <= 4; count++) {
if (form.rating[count].checked)
url = path + '?rating=' + rating + '&id=' + id;
if(is.ie4 | | is.ie5) {
document.all.ieContent.document.frames["ieframe"].document.location.href = url;
} else if(is.ns4) {

show and hide are both functions I've written that are working fine. The problem comes with netscape. IE will take the url that is generated, accept both of the variables (the url points to a .php page), and correctly process everything within the iframe. Netscape comes VERY close, however it always reports the id variable as null. It doesn't matter if I change the order of the url variables and put rating or id first. Nothing I do seems to make a difference, as netscape always reports it as null. In this version of the function, I have the id variable passed in from the form call- this works fine in IE, yet doesn't in Netscape. In a previous version, I set id=form.vidname.value, as it is a <select> list. Once again, it worked fine in IE, but not in netscape. I can't possibly understand what the problem is... it's not that netscape won't accept passed arguments in the .load method, because it processes the rating integer (same variable type as id). It's not that passing two arguments is the issue, because I have tried to simply pass either id or rating - netscape will take rating, it won't take id. I've tried changing the name of id to vidname, and to vid_name... neither helped. Any ideas or help would be appreciated, I can't figure this out at all... thanks!

Dave Lauer www.cameraplanet.com