As you can see the outer div colour coded black is being pushed down by the a div inside it onthe right which contains jscript that is pulling that flash file in.

I think what is happening is that when the flash file comes in its natural position is at the bottom of that outer div, I am having to put a negative number to force it back up, which is seen below:

this is the div on the page:

<div id="side_menu"><script src='../object.js' type='text/javascript'></script><script type='text/javascript'>InsertObject1();</script>

this is the css:
#side_menu {
LEFT: 0px; FLOAT: right; WIDTH: 255px; POSITION: relative; top:-138px; z-index:0;

I cant seem to be bale to lose that space beneath the flash.

can anybody spot the deliberate mistake.



p.s It seems to be working well ok in Mozilla