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I have designed several professional sites and I find Dreamweaver's disjointed interface a real pain. It detracts from developing sites having all those windows open from palettes, tools and libraries, then your actual document and the little tag dialog boxes. Its too bad because its cross-platform capabilities are good.

Frontpage 2000's interface is much better with sliding toolbars and collapsible windows, there is a lot more space for working. I don't use Frontpage 2000, except for quick site management no and then, but do consider its interface more superior to Dreamweaver's.

I agree - all the windows are really cluttery. I only have the main properties pallete open. At my res (1280x1024) there is plenty of worm too

I like FrontPage's (and all of Office's) way of toolbars, but I have grown used to Dreamweavers interface and like it better.

FrontPage 2000 was designed to make it easy to make sites. Easy for newbies, especially. Dreamweaver 3 was designed with power in mind. It is very powerful. If you can't handle the power, there is nothing wrong with that.

Dreamweaver shouldn't be your first editor unless you are experienced with site management. If you have used MS Office before, then FP is definately for you.

Aidan Bahta

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