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    Dojo Crashes Firefox

    I am using content management made simple and I wanted to make it AJAX enabled. I am using the dojokit 4.0.
    5 So far it works quite beautifully in every browser EXCEPT Firefox in which it completely locks up even in safe mode. This has been shown on two different computers running 2000 pro and Xp running FF and 1.5.04 respectively. Also I have tried it on Firefox in Fedora Core 5, it works the first time then I clear data and it hangs.

    It will work if I debug the code with Venkman and then it will work on every cuncurrent load until I hit the clear private data button.
    I am at a loss. I need a work around please help.

    try it yourself!!!
    If it works the first time in FF just navigate away Clear Private Data Now and select everything but Passwords. Then go to the link again
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