I know nothing about javascript at the moment, but I've been hitting php very aggressively the past few months.

I've came across a challenge and I'm not sure how to go about fixing it.

Basically, I need to be able to drag an image into a box on my webpage, crop it, and then upload it. I've done basic image uploading and resizing with php. That's no big deal.

The problem is I may want to crop in different spots. The idea is to have some sort of box tool that is set at a given aspect ratio (like Photoshop does). Then, I could select the part of the image I wanted to keep, hit one button that would then crop, resize, and upload the image (storing the pathway to the MySQL database).

So does anyone know of any either standalone GUI's that work well for this sort of image manipulation or possibly a javascript that will allow me to select part of the image and spit out some co-ordinates that I could use with php's GD Library.

Brandon Drury