A couple of months ago I did this site in PHP / MySQL. All the content is in MySQL, the rest in PHP including the design (themes).

Now I have a problem. The client wants a mini-site to allow different members of staff to update different parts of the site. I know this is possible, but how the hell to go about it im not sure.

Ive read "Managing users with PHP / MySQL" article, which is excellent but I need to go a little deeper by creating user levels or groups.

Each group of users would be able to add / edit pages in section X of the database. Somehow I would need to assign each group to only be able to edit section X of the site. The content table has the fields "id", "section", "page name", "content" which I think is essential.

I somehow need to tell the system, group A can only add or edit pages in section ABC of the site/database.

If any1 got an idea of how to create a login system with groups could some1 plz reply and let me know.