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    Cool Making Sure Im Set To Go

    Well over the past few months, between alot of the amazing help ive gotten around many sites, books on coding, web design, and web standards, along with lots of online research, i think im ready to put it all together into one site.

    I just want to check around and make sure the plan on got in my head covers everything i should and need to worry about.

    This site will be a design site, mainly for my clients, with an area for them to leave support tickets, check project status, request things, and also for new clients to sign up and get anything they need out of me :P

    The sites backend will be done in PHP5 and use MySQL as the database. I will use a hand made template engine to fully separate the design from the content, and will use the mysql to keep all page data, page titles, header text, extra tags, and things along those lines. I will be writting functions for things like image creation, so even image data is stored in the mysql database.

    As for the design, im going to be doing it with XHTML and CSS, using alot of the web standards ive been learning over the past few months, including making sure to use semantic coding. I will also make sure to have multiple stylesheets for users using PDAs, and other devices, since i know one of my clients at least uses a pda to talk to me. I will also try to make sure the site is fully accessible to as many users as i can.

    Beyond that im also keeping in mind SEO, including making sure i have a sitemap, good keywords, and im going to have some mod_rewrite rules to change urls to Search Engine friendly ones instead of the stuff i usually use with php.

    Alright, did i forget anything XD I've got a nice plan laid out so far, including the design drawn out on paper, and the layout of the divs, and allot of the other coding planned out. I just wanna make sure i haven't forgotten anything before i even get started. Hate having to change things later.

    And thanks before hand in case i forget to thank anyone who answers thank individually
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    It sounds like you have a well thought-out plan there.

    As for changing things I think that is something that happens. Nobody gets a website perfect first time.

    I would like to wish you the best of luck.

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