Ok this may not even be my problem. I am an old newbie... It doesn't make sense I know. I am coming back to php after a few years of absence.

I have an email that gets sent out to validate a user account.

The validation string is http://www.thedomain.com/validatescript.php?action=activate&user=emailaddy@myemailaddress.com&code=validationstringalljumbledup

I have looked at every single thing I can look at, the validate script should check the database for the email address, use the validationstring to make sure it is the right person, and mark a 1 in the is_validated field of the database to allow the user to login to the site.

Problem being, I get a blank page.

Am I getting the blank page because of the email address in the string? Or do I need to dig deeper? If I try a var_dump($_GET) I still am getting a blank page, which leaves me to believe that it is choking on the email address in the string?


If so, how can I pass that email address (because it *IS* the username) through the URL to the script with out the script choking, or MySQL choking?