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    simple mailing list form in asp/html/perl

    I'm trying to make a really simple form so users can submit their email addr
    esses to join a mailing list. I am using the following code:

    <title>mailing list form</title>

    <form action="post.asp" method="post">
    <input type="text" name="E-mail address">
    <input type="submit" value="Join Mailing List">


    However, in post.asp or whatever else I try to make the file, nothing shows
    up. Should I be putting some code in the ASP file so that it properly collec
    ts the submissions? Should I use Perl? What would the code be? Would I have to install Perl on the server? Any help?

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    the code you posted is only the frontend HTML. it only tells the user what needs to be entered, and it relays the information to the script: post.asp

    this script: post.php has to process all the given information.

    by process, i mean the script has to:
    1. check that input name "E-mail address" has a valid value
    2. add email to a list
    3. display a message that the user has been successfully added

    you can use anything: asp, php, pl whatever

    or, you can find someone's prebuilt package. there are plenty of php open source mailing lists.

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    There is a specific forum for Perl and another one for ASP so why have you posted this in the PHP section of the forum?

    What you have so far is just plain html so it should show up as a webpage in a browser no matter what you name it as.

    As regards what language you should use to process the data being submitted I would tend to stick with whatever is currently on your server as far as possible but then I'm just generally lazy.

    With regards to the html you posted you need to enclose the title tags within the head of the document - i.e. put head tags around it.
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