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    How can I create a pop up media player

    Hello Friends,

    I am new here and I was surfing around but I stoped in here because I found something to my answer, "almost" Anyway..

    I read a thread that says:

    Quote Originally Posted by vgarcia View Post
    Here's the code, but let's walk through it step by step
    HTML Code:
    <a href="mediaplayerpage.html" onclick="var w =, 'media', 'height=300,width=350', false); return !w;">View movie</a>
    The HREF for the link is the media player page you created. Onclick calls a Javascript function to open the window.

    We store the window object (created with the call) in a variable called w. This variable will be null if the window didn't open. The way this function is set up, if the window opened loads the media player page in a new window. If the window didn't open, the media player page opens in the same window and your user can use the back button to go back to the page he/she was on.

    If you use my code as-is and just replace the HREF and the link text (and adjust the window's width/height to fit everything you need), everything should work great whether JS is enabled or not .
    Well I tried all of that, now the problem is how am I gonna link my videos to that instructions..?

    As far as I see the pop-up window will display the mediaplayerpage.html which shows us nothing..?

    I have a lot of videos in google videos system and I just wanna connect those with a link to my site, this way when visitors click in a link a pop-up window will be open with a video playing in it..?

    Best regards, Indrit

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    mediaplayerpage.html is supposed to render the page with your player. That can be, for example, mediaplayerpage.php?video=123 which fetches the required data to display the player and displays it.


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