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    image composition depending on several vars

    I want to make a script that composes an image depending on several variables. The image is composed of a base piece of clothing (e.g. t-shirt) on which an image and text can be placed. The color of the piece of clothing; the location of the image, the image itself and the text are variable. Also the font of the text can change. Is there a base script I can use? Or is there a small script that handles a piece of the desired functionality?

    Probably this is a thing better done in flash. But I don't know flash and really don't want to either.

    I think it's also possible with javascript and for the font I think I can use

    But if anyone knows of other scripts that can be usefull here or has tips for me, please tell! Existing flash script that don't need much tweaking are welcome too.

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    This should not be done with Javascript, but with something on the server side.

    sIFR is not for the purpose you're after, it's for putting text on webpages using fonts that users might not have on their computers.

    PHP has lots of image manipulation functions, though of course I don't know what server-side language you're going to use, but this can certainly be done in PHP. Have a look at the functions and if you can't figure it out, ask for help in the PHP forum.


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