I am still having a few problems on the site http://www.learnforex.com
It looks different in both browsers (Netscape or IE). For example,when we change with IE 5.0 the text/font size ,(on the toolbar,under VIEW, select a different TEXT SIZE), big spaces appear, or images get fragmented and there are problems also when we print pages.... etc
The Netscape Issue:
when we hit <STOP> before the page is completly loaded, the page become fragmented . Sometimes prospects do that to avoid waiting for the page to load completly and start to scroll down and read the text.(I did, and that's how I found out this issue)
We also have a problem with resizing the page. Reduce your browser window to smaller then the width of your page content and you will see the same result.

I used Dreamweaver by Macromedia.

Any idea would be greatly appreciated.

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