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    Google Sitemap Help (for dynamic site)

    Google suggests that uploading a txt file with all of your quality links is the best option for them.

    I however own a huge news site that is dynamic and adds up to 20 new pages daily. Am I supposed to recreate the text file on a daily basis and resubmit it or should I use their rss feed option and just have everylink listed?

    But that would be a huge file that could burdon my server to create every time google checks it.

    Is there a better way to do the txt option for dynamic sites?

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    Sitemaps are only to help Google crawl your site. You certainly don't "need" one.. You can generate sitemaps dynamically, but if you're new content is coming off the main page, you really don't need to. You could generate a new one, once a month just to keep your mind at rest. If you're site is going to rank well Google should be able to crawl it anyway.


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