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    Smile Best free CMS sytem using php&mysql?

    I am just trying Mambo, on a suggestion from a friend.
    It is ok but I find the following shortcomings:
    * No commenting facility on news-stories
    * Links are not shown in flat view
    * Integration of fresh modules very difficult - may be only real coding pro's can do it.
    * No themes available
    * Not much of add-ons or hacks

    I just had a peek at Postnuke. Looks better.
    Could you please pronounce which one is the best with a lot of modules- from the point of view of a non-nerdy user
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    in general i would say that the main problem with choosing an open source cms is that they are either very mush alike & incomplete or in such an early stage of development that you'll never really know if it will ever go stable.

    i've got high hopes for the planned phpbb based portal system ( and sitepoint has announced that they are going to release some sort of killer app, but i very much doubt that will be free.

    i also find it difficult ot find good and unbiased information about the different systems, very often dicussions are held by people how have some kind of love - hate relationship with the different alternatives.

    maybe sitepoint could do a in depth research and article series on this

    for now i (think i) would consider on of the following.

    i'm quite pleased with phpwebsite (, there are some add-ons floating around but i have a feeling that development isn't what it used to be there.

    xoops ( has just gone RC-1 but seems to be getting alot of attention. they are boasting about a lot of modules they're gonna release as soon as it's out of the RC stages.



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