In MVC (although I guess this doesn’t just apply to MVC) should my model classes/objects represent an entire database table, or an individual record in that table?

For example, I have a table called “user”, and at the moment I have a class called “UserModel”, which extends the “Model” class. I guess it’s possible to manipulate the entire table and the individual records in one class, but something like this just doesn’t seem to make much sense in my mind:

PHP Code:

= new UserModel();
$user->username 'test';
$user->password 'password';
$user->save(); // this would save those values as a new record
$jack $user->findAll("username = 'jack'");
There is also the fact that the model does not have to be a database table does it? So in another model the whole idea of tables and records may not apply.

Any comments would be greatly appreciated.