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    Problem with float positioning when viewing in Opera

    Hello. I would really love it if someone could shed light on my problem!

    I wrote myself a website with the use of Ian Lloyd's book "Build your own website the right way". (Fabulous book)! I basically kept the format of the example website but changed the odd bit here and there with the help of Dreamweaver.

    I now have my website on line, however when I view it in Opera the photos that I have floated do not float on 2 out of the 3 pages as they should (Repertoire and Contact). However the same float works fine on the Introduction page. All pages work fine when viewed in Firefox and IE.

    I have checked and validated the XHTML and CSS for all the pages and they seem fine.

    What could be wrong? I am sure there is a logical explantion!

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    I think it's because of the width. if you'll set width to your text (to the left of the foto) then I guess it will be fixed in opera


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