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    No ranking for main page of my site

    Hello, dear webmasters!

    3 or 4 monthes ago my site was good ranked at MSN and Yahoo. Then I've lost these positions, now my site has some good positions, but only due secondary pages. The main page of my site (index.shtml) has no more good positions. Could anybody explain me this situation? I can even tip the direct name of my site in the search field of MSN or Yahoo and get only secondary pages, not the index page. Is the main page banned by MSN and Yahoo? How can I detect it for sure? How can I avoid this ban?

    Waiting for your answers or suggestions! Thank you in advance!

    With best regards, Alex

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    How old is your site? If it's newer it may be sandboxed. If you leave a link to your site in your signature, members here can better help you determine what the problem is, if any.
    Linda Jenkinson
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