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    Exclamation PDF Creation through PHP

    I bought "Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP & MySQL" and "The PHP Anthology: Vol. I & II", and I need help with printing PDFs. When I try to create PDFs with the Source Code for Vol II, Ch. 3 of "The PHP Anthology", it displays incorrectly, in that the text runs off the side of the page. I was going to use this source code as a basis for my real problem.

    I am trying to create a job docket for a hypothetical logistical transport company. I am trying to set it up so that it has a header that has the company logo and address, the job number and the date. Then I would like the docket to have two columns side by side, one with pick-up details, the other with delivery details. Then I would like to have a text box with a goods description, that takes up a 5/12 of the page. Then I would like a table with hourly rates, start times, end times, breaks and total time, then a notes section, fuel surcharges, and a total cost section. The way it prints at the moment is landscape, and it prints the table columns in the top row, then all of the jobs underneath.

    I need it to print an A4 Portrait with the above details in sections of 1/12ths, with the header taking 1/12th, the pickup and delivery sections taking 3/12ths, the goods description taking 5/12ths, notes taking 3/12ths. If whomever replies needs a rough idea of what the docket needs to look like, I will happily scan a jpeg of my attempt to draw it.

    Thankyou in advance
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