Good Day;

I've designed a form and would like to send the form, when completed by the user, via e-mail. I've been successful in sending the blank form using this approach:

Set testMail=CreateObject("CDO.Message")
testMail.Subject=" Subject "
testMail.CreateMHTMLBody ""
set testMail=nothing

However, I haven't been able to pass any values to complete the form when emailed in this way even though the form when run from the server through a browser accepts and displays the values. If anyone can help with this I'd appreciate.

I've also considered trying to print the completed form to a file on the server and then send the file as an attachment to the e-mail but I've only been able to print the file to the client computer. Any thoughts here?

I like to retain the HTML layout of the form in the e-mail or attachment and so just passing on the values in text is not a desirable option.

Thank you.


p.s. I notice this forum alows the attachment of files but I don't see how to attach them.