I have a client that is wanting two parts of his site to be dynamic along with a user interface so that he can keep this information updated. I am not a PHP programmer but what he is asking for is fairly simple and I thought I might give it a go IF there are some PHP developments tools out there that can help me build it.
  1. He needs to display and image of a home with some basic information about the home right next to it. Very much like a Real Estate listings page but not quite as much detail.
  2. The other thing he needs is a bit more complex. There are groups of five investors that will need to log into the site and be able to see such things as:
    1. Address of the property purchased by that group
    2. price of that property
    3. mortgage payment for that property
    4. Actual mortgage payment for that property
    5. a column to indicate which of these properties belongs to the current login user. (An asterisk perhaps)
I realize this is really a broad question, but as I write this I am doubting that there is really anything out there that I am looking for. But lets see what the group has to say.