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    Recordset on a embedded asp page via CDO


    I'm using CDO to send information by e-mail to the users of an intranet system.
    By embedding a asp page via objMail.CreateMHTMLBody, I can send them dynamic content like info on db..
    The point is: Since I tested and realized the embedded page can't perform a recordset to populate itself with db content, I'm sending this info as parameters and retrieving at the embeeded page before beeing attached on e-mail by quesrystring.
    The tests I'm doing is gathering info from recordset (on a CDO page) like this:
    Do while not rsemprestimos.eof

    lista="Equipamento <b>"&rsemprestimos.fields("descricao")&"</b> - <b>"&rsemprestimos.fields("patrimonio")&" </b>emprestado em "&rsemprestimos.fields("data_empr")&" para o usu&#225;rio <b>"& rsemprestimos.fields("usuario_atual")&"</b> <a href='"&rsemprestimos.fields("patrimonio")&"'>renovar empr&#233;stimo</a><br>"
    And then I send the cumulative info inside "msg" to the embedded page...

    On my tests, when the msg size is too big (I could perform the CDO sending only up to 7 lines of recordset (each line has about 93 chars)) theres an error on objMail.CreateMHTMLBody line code which I realize is due the excessive amount of data.

    Anyhow...I'd like to have suggestions from you guys on how to solve or at least increase the number os lines on recordset till the CDO crash.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi mjunior,

    This question might get a better response if it were in the ASP forum. I suggest you ask an Advisor to move this thread to the ASP forum.


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