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    Login Script error.

    if (!$logged) {

    if (!$username || !$password)
    tmplshow("login", array('<%TMPL SITE TMPL%>' => SITE_NAME));

    else {



    this is a login script, it has been stripped down (there is validation and stuff that goes in there) but I took it out to find out what the problem is, and I have no idea.

    When I run that, the first time it shows the Login Template, as it should (this has $username and $password variables u fill in)

    when u submit it (it reloads the same page) it gives a server misconfiguration error, and in the error log it says "/php/php.exe Premature end of script headers". I have never had this eror before, and I dont have any idea why it happens, is it my code or a server variable? this happens on both my local config and my Web Hosts Config.

    this will be used as a header file called from other scripts, but I ran it standalone and it still errors (the other scripts have output).

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    can you show us what the tmplshow function looks like? it's probably an error in there I would imagine.
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