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    Emulate IE Send page by E-mail

    Merry Christmas everyone;

    If someone would like to send me a christmas gift it would be a simple means to emulate the IE Send page by E-mail button without the need of user intervention. I have a pure HTML form which the user can complete. Id like to add a button that will result in the completed form or web page being sent to specified user with the same effect as the IE Send Page by E-mail button. I'm familiar with HTML, ASP, Javascript (simple), vbscript but have no familiarity with
    .NET. My web pages are on a MS server. Any assistance would be appreciated.



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    You want a server-side method for this, if you do anything like this with javascript it's open to horrible abuse.

    There are plenty of form-to-email scripts out there, personally I've only ever looked for them in PHP, but they must exist for ASP too. I don't know how the "send by email thing" works, but it should be relatively easy: you open the HTML document into a string (in PHP with file_get_contents() most likely) and in your form-to-mail script, it turns this string into the message body. You might also have modify it to put CSS in the <head> and images as attachments (if this is how "send this by email" works).

    I'd recommend just getting a pre-made script and modifying it to suit your needs, then it'll include all the security features (as long as you pick a decent one!). Look for "ASP form to email script" on google, or swap ASP for PHP and you'll find several.

    Good luck.


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