I've been developing my latest site in Firefox using Firebug to debug my javascript. The main page only shows a loading image which is quickly replaced by an ajax call to the database. Everything seemed to be working fine until I decided to open up Safari just for kicks to take a peek. Well Safari doesn't seem to run the script. It isn't just when the script is called at onload that it doesn't run, I have also set up a form on the left that calls the script every time something is changed, and this doesn't work either so it must be a problem with the script.

The thing is that I don't have any way to debug it in Safari (like I can with Firebug in Firefox) so I don't have a clue why the script isn't running in Safari (especially since it runs fine in Firefox). Could it be a problem with the XMLHttpRequest? I seem to remember it working earlier in the development of the script so something tells me it is an error in the script. Could somebody take a look and see if they can spot anything or at least give me some tips for debugging in Safari.

The page is at http://purusstudios.com/oschedule . The ajax functions are located at http://purusstudios.com/oschedule/in...axfunctions.js and the javascript script is located at http://purusstudios.com/oschedule/in...updateTable.js .