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    Simple Gallery-Like PHP Function

    Basically, I want a script that reads all images in a given directory (via variable basically, for server location), displays them in a gallery format (creates its own thumbnails? Optional :P ) with a image count, page listing (1, 2, 3, 4, etc), and the "<First <<Previous Next>> Last>" thing too. For full image viewing, either popup or using the lightbox java mod.

    I plan on having a core center for the gallery script, but using variables to display and show the larger view of categories using variables (so, using a variable to switch from different directories)

    Anyone know of a script that is simple and matches some/most of the features stated?

    Thank ye!

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    Lussumo Filebrowser does just that and is as simple as it gets. You just drop it into the same directory as your photos (it handles subdirectories automatically). It creates thumbnails when you tell it to. I'm using it on my blog.


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