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That's a good link
Selkirk posted that ages ago, I think it got moved, but I followed it. glad you liked it.

I think another good test is to start replying to users questions on this forum or similar.

Now that is sobering, and the funny thing is the more time you spend helping others, the more you bare yourself (and, dare I say it, your ineptitudes and misconceptions) to the world, the more you learn.

I have found that really hard to bear sometimes, but sheesh, the stuff I have learnt from other developers is amazing.

Then of course if you really want to test yourself, there is the acid test. Start hanging around the PAD forum.

I also read somewhere, could have been on SP, that your own confidence level, be that over-confident or quiet head-down-learning - can be measured by how many unread programming books you have hanging around your desk, in the WC, in the kitchen (go on, count them).

Four unread books indicating you are too engrossed in learning to ask yourself questions such as 'how am I doing?'.

Four unread books means perhaps you are still hungry.
Off Topic:

Now I think of it I am interested in what others have "unread" - are they dead? or is it just you dont have time to finish them?