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    CMS table and form for streaming mp3s

    Hi im looking for a way to upload out of print album snippets with the option to make all or some of the tracks stream using flash and php.
    You can see an example of what Im talking about here:
    When you click on a track it streams the song thru flash! I form that lists the album tracks so the user can list the tracks and choose which songs have snippets on.

    Does anyone know the best way to do this!?
    A basic table would look like the following:

    mysql_query("DROP TABLE `album`;");
    $sql = 'CREATE TABLE cds( cdID int( 2 ) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT ,';
    $sql .= 'artist varchar( 20 ) default NULL ,';
    $sql .= 'title varchar( 30 ) default NULL ,';
    $sql .= 'label varchar( 30 ) default NULL ,';
    $sql .= 'year int( 4 ) default NULL ,';
    $sql .= 'cdcover varchar( 255 ) default NULL ,';
    $sql .= 'tracks varchar( 30 ) default NULL ,';
    $sql .= 'PRIMARY KEY ( cdID ) ) TYPE = MYISAM ';

    How can I list the different amount of tracks, attatch the flash to the tracks category and choose which tracks will have a snippet on?

    Any suggestions would be great thanks!!

    Merry Christmas and have a happy new year!

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    Look at XML files.

    The only thing PHP would do in this situation is the sending/loading of data to/from the DB (obviously), and could also generate your XML playlist for you.


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