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    ie6 not seeing external javascript file???

    Hi people

    I have built a page with a horizontal navigation which uses drop downs.

    I have used javascript for this and put all the script in an external file and used a link in my document head.

    It works fine in ff and ie7 but in ie6 it only works if i put the all the javascript in the document head - i have never had this problem before.

    any help appreciated.

    heres the page:

    and here it is with the javascript in the head:

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    syntax error

    IE throws a syntax error. The Firebug console shows
    missing ; before statement
    <script type="text/javascript"><!--//--><![CDATA[//><!--\n
    2 things. Because the javascript is in an external file, try not using the script tags. eg. instead of <script type="text/javascript"> code </script>, just have the code. Also, I'm not sure, but the script tag in the external file calling the cgi file may have something to do with this. Try calling that from the page instead of the js file.


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