I need to build a flyout menu for a client's site. I have already built a drop-down menu for this site using 100% css. Can't go that route for the flyout menu though because I need it to work in ie5 and ie6 as these flyout links are not available anywhere else on the site. My drop down only works in ie7 and in the compliant browsers since it uses the non-anchor:hover feature that will not work in ie5 and 6. This was determined acceptable since all the drop down links are repeated elsewhere and thus accessible to everyone. Not the case for this flyout. This will be the only way to access these pages. For this reason, I can't go 100% css (and we don't like the .htc file workaround) and I must use javascript instead.

So I need a javascript flyout menu that looks and behaves the same as my pure css menu. In terms of behavior, it needs to pop up and disappear instantly. No sliding animation, etc. And for look, it will need to use a flyout image designed by the customer's graphic designer (same as the drop down), so I cannot use a template. The text of the flyout links will be html, but their surrounding container is a specified graphic. I also want the flyout link text to be fully accessible to screen readers, search engines, etc.

Haven't seen examples that allow for the use of any background graphic for the flyout menu. But hopefully someone else has and can point me in the right direction. Any suggestions?