I have a text link that's not showing up in FF and Netscape. Yet my page validates. Please go to the url: http://www.bluebonnetsandrain.com/

and near the top of the page the word "Address" is a link and shows the link hand cursor in IE but in the other browsers you have to move the cursor above and over the apex of the "A" for the link to become active.

Very Wierd.

here is the css that goes with the div where this part of the site is:

position:relative; top:10; left:0; width:570; display:inline; Color:#093; font-size:.85em; white-space:nowrap;
#contact a:link, #contact a:visited{
Color:#093; text-decoration:none;
#contact .phone{
padding-left:20%; padding-right:20%;
#contact .address{

Any help is greatly appreciated.