Hi. I'm extremely new to Javascript and I'm a little stuck with a website I'm working on. Hopefully my request is very simple.

All I want to do is have five images that when hovered over change the text below it. So far I've been trying to use YUI component called TabView (from the Yahoo library) but this may be overkill. You put all the images as individual list items, then all the text in seperate DIVs below it.

Here's what I've done so far with the component (the box in the middle):


It's unstyled, the images are just text at the moment and I'm still playing around with embedded javascript.

All I really want to know is am I using the right javascript for the job or am I going in the wrong direction? The reason I chose the YUI library was that I'm currently using it for the accordion menus on the right. And if I'm going to get the hang of this it is probably easier to stick with the one library.

Any thoughts would be hugely appreciated, thanks!