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    Question Alternate submit?

    I am making a ajax form request and I am clueless on how to make an alternate submit when javascript is disabled. This is so it works without javascript and uses a separate php file.
    Will someone please help me out and point out how dumb I am.

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    You could put a submit button between <noscript> tags so that it only shows when Javascript is not available.

    The action= attribute on the form tag should contain the processing to be performed when Javascript is disabled and the onsubmit action should do what is required for submitting the form when Javascript is enabled and then return false to stop the sction being performed.
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    <input name="html5" type="text" required pattern="^$">

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    When JavaScript is disabled and Ajax won't work, you need to fall back to a normal form submit. I design my input pages with a form that contains the input fields. The Form element includes the following attribute:
    onSubmit="return ajaxFormSubmit()"
    Remember that even though JavaScript is enabled, the browser version might not support the XMLHttpRequest object. If the Ajax transmission is successful, the ajaxFormSubmit function returns False - which prevents the normal form submission. If the Ajax transmission fails, the function returns True and the form is submitted normally. Also if JavaScript is turned off the form will submit normally.

    Hope this helps...


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