This more a remark for the writers of the SitePoint books.

I have the book 'HTML Utopia, Designing Without Tables'.

In this book, the iso-8859-1 encoding is used in all examples. So, I just copied that for my own pages.

Until recently. I had to make a guestbook that had also to work with Cyrillic. So, I had to learn about encodings etc. I did everything in UTF-8 and it works fantastic.

The impact of using UTF-8 is very minor (using mb_strlen instead of strlen in PHP). And I consider the other encodings legacy. I will do new projects in UTF-8, even when it is not directly necessary.

So, my suggesting to SitePoints, is to update your books and make the examples with UTF-8 encoding. In this way, new programmers don't learn the legacy solutions.