So far the community development has been absolutely amazing, it has grown very fast just via sheer word of mouth and has swept through our sub-culture like crazy

In less than 2.5 years we've managed to get over 7,000 members and 1.1 million posts (plus a whole front end resource site), the post per user count is 149 which by big boards is ranked within the top 300.

The target audience is a hot one right now, it's late-teen/early twenties photographers, videographers, web designers, video editors, etc.... and most importantly it all revolves around the skateboard/snowboard media world, which I would come to think is an extremely hard niche to market.

It's the only place like it around and growing rapidly everyday.

Everything is going good, except for ad revenue........ It's literrally terrible, I'm not gonna say what I run but it starts with a G and i'm lucky if I can break $500 a month with 2.5 million pageviews, I'm pretty sure these are pathetic numbers... I've had many people tell me this..

Should I be seeking out advertisers myself and selling space that way or take another route..... Any insight would be appreciated.