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    html table sorting with AJAX

    HI all,

    I am using AJAX to help grab records from a database..this works fine; however, I had been using a table sorting .js. I was thinking it could be done but perhaps I am not looking at it right or possibly it cannot be done. I was thinking it could because the script does not error out on me and does sort by keyboard. I am baffled. Bottom line is it possible to sort a table AFTER an AJAX call using javascript?

    here is a simple table I used to show the problem...thanks!

    Demo with sorting problem to help those figure out my problem

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    yes, but it can be a daunting task... i recomend altering the javascript or justa adding a WHERE clause in your sql statment.

    Trust me it can be more work than it is work to alter the info one it has already been added,
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