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    Is my page keyword stuffed? Too many ALT tags?

    I have read a lot of articles here and many places on the web this last week, asked a lot of questions and based on that added some keywords and ALT tags in my website.(SDDesign phpnuke themes, phpBB templates.)

    the keywords/priority in my site is:
    phpnuke themes, phpBB templates. (+ add or del relative words infront and back.)

    I have used my best judgement and selected the keywrods using-

    1. what my competitors have used as keywords on their sites.
    2. those keywords ranked better with google and yahoo.
    3. those keywords are common sense.
    4. those keywords are mandatory in my opinion.

    Now from among the bunch, i have picked up the best ones i think, and then added them in my site.

    Now, the Splash page of my website is: ->SDDesign phpnuke themes, phpBB templates.

    Are the ALT tags used there way too many? Could i be penalized? Should i reduce?

    My keywords and website desc are:
    <meta name="keywords" content="SDDesign, phpnuke themes, php themes, themes, nuke themes, phpnuke platinum themes, phpBB templates, free phpnuke themes, game themes, clan themes, phpnuke clan, clan designs, phpnuke clan templates, phpnuke evolution, phpnuke platinum, phpnuke modules, phpnuke blocks">
    <meta name="description" content="Hundreds of phpnuke themes, phpBB templates for FREE, Your exclusive design, Support on your phpBB2, phpnuke issues, Uniquely designed signatures and avatars, phpnuke themes tutorial, Photoshop tutorials, Free hosting for your website.">
    Can these be called keyword stuffing? i am not asking for whats right and whats not. i am just requesting some general help which will help me understand what will be "too much" and what not.

    I hope everyone will be able to help me. it will be truly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance.

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    The meta keywords/description won't be stuffing. Consider that the more keywords you shove in there, though, the more you dilute every other word. Also, Google does not use <meta> elements for ranking at all, so it's irrelevant for that search engine.

    The appropriate use of the alt attribute (not a tag) on the img tag is to provide alternate text that describes the image itself. If you use it to boost your search engine ranking, you could be penalized.

    Consider also, though, that most search engine designers are reasonably intelligent. They know how easy it is to stuff keywords into the alt attribute, and they're not going to waste their time hunting every case down. It's more likely that a search engine will ignore your alt keywords and that they won't help you at all.
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    I think some search engines may use an algorithm to match keywords against the words used in the page's content. If you use the words as keywords they should be in the page too. (If the meta tag is used by the search engine)
    Quote Originally Posted by fatnewt
    It's more likely that a search engine will ignore your alt keywords and that they won't help you at all.
    As I understand, they only use the first X # of words anyway and ignore the rest. So it may be wise to position the more important ones first.


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