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Thread: TIME - Clock!

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    I've already constructed a java applets for the clock time in New York, Vancouver, and London. I just pass different values for different cities. The clock is in real-time, meaning the seconds are ticking. But the time and time zone depends on the users system where the applet runs on. So if the user is got the wrong time or even time zone set on their computer then the time wouldn't work properly for any city! I wanted to have the time from the server passed to the user, so this can be the constant to use the time zone method! Is this possible.. ?? Plz help thanx!

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    You would have to code your java applet to get the time from a publicly accessible time server. I personally think its a lot of bother for little or no reward. Clocks on web pages are a frill and really serve no purpose. If it is to track various stock markets and the user doesn't have the correct time on their computer then they will lose out on a transaction. Their problem not yours.

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