I'm trying to get started with cross-brower.com's xLibrary... I've read all the Get Started files and have looked at the source code for the demos, but I don't know how to actually inset the script into my webpage.

Well, that's not total true... I have copied and pasted the code from the source code sections along with all their dependancies onto an internal script (e.g <script='javascript' type=... > ) and I've reset the CSS for the objects (due to the demo using an external CSS that I can't find in the download)
and I've got the demo to work on my webpage... but, as soon as I try to put the code into an external .js file, the code doesn't work.
This is because I can't seem to reference the external js functions with the internal window.onload = function() ...

I've been trying to solve my problem for a week now and I'm not sure which path to take ... I'm currently trying to do a new window.onload function that var xAnim1 = getElementById('dc1') for each of the 3 divs and then pass the new variables to the old window.onload (which is now in the external file and calls for "new xAnimation(xAnim)" ) which would hopefully run the animation... I haven't finished it because my javascript knowledge is in its fledgling years.

But, I can't imagine that this is what Michael Foster had intended... what should I do to put the script into an external file and then call the function?

Ohhh... by th way, I'm trying to use the xAnimation's xOpacity with xResize aka xAniSize functions)...

I really want this to work because Michael Foster's work at cross-browser.com is superb.

Thank you in advance to anyone who replies.