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    Best Practice html usage question

    Hi everyone,
    first post here.

    While not exactly an html/css newbie, i wouldn't call myself an expert either.
    I can solve most problems i bump into, albeit often through trial and error.
    But since i hope to use my skills for profit somewhere in 2007 i want to tackle some of those "what is the most semanticly correct way to solve..." questions.

    so here goes:
    the site:
    I'm trying to make a page which lists all 'employers' of an organisation.
    clicking on any 'polaroid' in the collage will take you to some more info about that certain person.

    now i'm not sure if i'm using the most semanticly correct way to show that information and that list of employers.
    As you can see from looking at the code i created an <ul> and put every persons 'file' in a different <li> which i gave an <id people> so i could style it.
    Is this allowed or should an <id> be unique ?

    Furthermore i put everyone's info in a table structure, which i believe is correct since it is in essence data. But i'm not 100&#37; sure.
    So am i allowed to use a table in this case or not ?

    Any other tips or suggestions are always welcome.

    Thanks in advance

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    ids should be unique -- use a class if you wnt to apply it more than once

    in fact, you can style all the LIs without putting the class on each one, by applying a class (or id) to the parent UL

    yes, it's fine to use a TABLE for tabular data | @rudydotca
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