Need some initial insight into which platform and plugins/modules I should use to manage a desktop customization site. As soon as a choice can be made I'm sure I can pull it together, programmers use the tools available right?

Features required are:
File submissions
Index of submissions with categories
Rating for file submissions
Meta tagging for submissions
Multiple comments & comment tree structure
Browse featured (5-star) submissions
Administrator blog
Article submission
User favourite submissions
Permanent URLs (friendly URLs)

I'm proficient with templating so platform doesn't need widget support, if it comes out of the box though kudos!

I'm a big fan of WordPress, host it for my own blog which works great for my needs though I doubt it fits this scope. Installed drupal yesterday and am dissapointed, expected a smoother learning curve - loading third party modules into it as we speak. I know of vBulletin and bb though the focus is not on forums but submissions. What are your thoughts?

Cheers muchly.