"Just because you can, doesn't mean that you should..." stand back often and think like one of your site's vistors!

Web Designers please be careful when - and if - you change/update/fix your viewer's computer settings in order to customize your website's visuals!

I personally have my system set for *My* preferences (fonts, colors, etc) and *My PCs* limits (monitor size, etc) - Before I upgraded, my old computer would crash if the monitor's resolution was increased to anything above 640x480!

My PC is tempermental enough now without having the system modified without my knowledge - *Plus* not everyone has systems that can handle everything that web designers can do these days!

If you must, then give me a choice to change or not - Always remember how your changes to your website affect your visitors!

My PawPrints by WebKat
"Let's keep Ethics on the Web"