Hello all,
I have an issue, I use capistrano to deploy my rails app. I now want to add in personal avatar's to my forum. I am using a hacked up version of Beast and I can't stand "Gravatar.com". So here is my issue. I am not sure if storing all those images in the db is going to be a problem down the road as now it is just an avatar but later or even sooner it will be pictures within the posts and other uploaded pictures. I can't see using the file system because every new capistrano deployment creates an entirely new tree for the app and all my images would be stored in the previous version so I don't see that working. Has anyone else delt with this successfully?

Also, I see how I can use the send_data method to view the image that is in my database on the page but that overwrites the entire page so how do you view a n image in a page that is from the db?