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    Unhappy My first database build!

    Hi Everyone;

    I've been asked to build a database driven site and I am not sure which scripting language to go with.

    There will be 2 databases: one of about 50 articles and one containing an alumni directory (with their names, emails, favorite color, etc).

    I am very comfortable with html and installing cgi (I code all my sites by hand and don't write cgi, but know enough to dig in and manipulate if I need to). I believe my options (according to the server folks) is asp, cold fusion and php (I am assuming on the php). And, of course, cgi.

    Should I stick with what I know and go with a script like DBMan (over there at and set up the alumni directory as a flat-file directory? Are there any "plug and go" scripts out there in php land that I could use with MySQL easily?

    As far as the articles database goes, I can always to a cheap and dirty ssi-type database or set up a searchable links directory.

    Sorry to be so lengthy. I just keep going back and forth on this!

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    Hello Kristine, this information is not enough to tell if u are blonde yet
    If I were you, I would go for PHP/MySQL solution(It works on both operating systems Windows or Linux and both servers IIS/Apache)
    I prefer PHP over Perl because it is less complicated when it comes to Web Development, And prefer over ASP because I can run on both OS.
    MySQL is preferable because it is a (almost) real database system(okey there is not advanced operation in mysql but I donk think u need it). Flat file (database??) system might work for small and unchanging code but when ur system gets bigger your development time will increase exponential.
    Now killing question is that "Do you really wanna/need to learn PHP/MySQL?". I think u should check out some basic articles then answer this question. I answer this question "YES" but I look at it from developer view.
    Hope my complex answer gave u a little idea.

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    Are your servers Windows or Unix? And what database systems are available?

    This seems like a reasonably small amount of data. And if you're happy with CGI, flat files etc there are a ton of scripts that will allow you to do what you want. The advantage of these systems is that they are (normally) easier to set up and maintain - no relational databases to worry about for one thing.

    Go with what you know. The best solution is the one that works (people tend to forget that )

    Or if you want to learn a server-side language (say for future work), I'd recommend ASP or ColdFusion + Access on Windows. Or PHP/MySQL on Unix.
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