Hi Everyone;

I've been asked to build a database driven site and I am not sure which scripting language to go with.

There will be 2 databases: one of about 50 articles and one containing an alumni directory (with their names, emails, favorite color, etc).

I am very comfortable with html and installing cgi (I code all my sites by hand and don't write cgi, but know enough to dig in and manipulate if I need to). I believe my options (according to the server folks) is asp, cold fusion and php (I am assuming on the php). And, of course, cgi.

Should I stick with what I know and go with a script like DBMan (over there at gossamar-threads.com) and set up the alumni directory as a flat-file directory? Are there any "plug and go" scripts out there in php land that I could use with MySQL easily?

As far as the articles database goes, I can always to a cheap and dirty ssi-type database or set up a searchable links directory.

Sorry to be so lengthy. I just keep going back and forth on this!

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