Not sure if this is quite the right forum for this question, though I did see Gmail for your domain discussed here earlier.

My questions is if anyone has any experience using Gmail for your domain for a domain that they host a discussion forum (or similar application) on. That is, an application that sends out various automated emails (sign up responses, etc).

Since one of my domains gets a large amount of spam, I suggested to my host (I am not commercially hosted) that I could start using Gmail for your domain to handle the mail for this domain, to cut back on the spam her spamfilters has to handle.

However, she thought it would cause a problem with my discussion board, as it would be sending the mail via her servers whereas the MX records for the domain would say that the mail should be coming from Google. Which could lead to mails being blocked by spamfilters.

I don't quite understand how all of this works, but perhaps there is a workaround for this?