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    Is ruby the right framework to create this?

    Hi guys,

    I found the site below, and love how simple it is.

    I want to create something similar for a job search on their recruitment companys website ( which I bult earlier in the year.

    Can ruby re-create the effect on the krop website (type london in the top text box and see how it filters the results instantly).

    If I'm barking up the wrong tree can you please recommend me another framework to work with?

    Many thanks,


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    You can use Rails to create this. It would take an hour (if you already know how to use Rails of course ;-)) to get the basic live job search. Rails is good for this because (1) this website uses a database, and Rails has good support for these and (2) Rails has support for Ajax (live search uses Ajax).

    P.S. Ruby is the language and Rails is the framework.


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