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    Question a few phpBB questions...

    ok peeps, i was just wondering if any of you could help me...

    i installed phpBB V1.40 a while ago and realised it didnt have all the features that i wanted so i started to mod the board but there are still 2 things that i would like to be included on my board but i cant spare the time to implement these things properly and test them etc plus i am still pretty new to PHP. The things i am looking for are:

    the ability to add polls to topics

    the ability for users to add there own avatar to be displayed under their names in posts

    the ability to allow a user to change their own personal rank

    a JS popup when a private message is recieved

    there are other things i'd like to add but i cant think of them at the moment so if anyone knows of any mods or can post the code and whatever else then i would be very very greatful

    and also does anyone know where i can find some decent smilies? Preferably ones that look more 3D ( eg. not )

    thanks in advance for any replies

    PS my board is here
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