Hello ruby users,

I am not new at all for ruby because i have studied for a month about ruby. Actually i need to create a heatmap (the overlay image that shows the click locations in my web page) for my site using ruby on rails which i got reference from http://blog.corunet.com/english/the-definitive-heatmap. And i am successfull to create heatmap in my local machine. Also i tried everything installing (ImageMagick, RMagick, Ruby as well as other needed software) and i am success now to create the images using RMagick/ImageMagick in the server from COMMAND LINE only. When i run the image creating code form command line as ruby something.rb. It reads the data from a text file and writes into a file that shows the click maps of my site. But when i run this same code from browser from a controller class and method, it does not work neither it gives me the error.

And hereby now i want to know how to run or how to call the something.rb file which generates the image successfully from command line (SSH in PUTTY) from my controller class (calling method). How can we execute that .rb file from my ruby code (executing ruby files).

I dont know whether i could make you understood my problem. Please help me. I am spending lots of days for this but i could not do.

Thank you very much help in advance.

Raju Gautam
A New Ruby Programmer