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    Absolute Positioning with dynamic content/hidden divs in IE


    I have a website that is using what I call dynamic content/hidden divs. For example, when you click a checkbox another div pops down.

    The problem I'm having is that in IE6 (Firefox/IE7/Opera etc are fine) the absolute positioning does not move after a hidden div is shown. This is an issue as I have some classes that have a background image to provide a gradient border effect. The classes are absolute positioned at the bottom of the page as follows:

    .contentarea .lbb { background: url(../images/wrapper/content_borderlb.gif); position: absolute; bottom: 34px; height: 134px; left: 0; } /*for the left gradient border*/
    .contentarea .rbb { background: url(../images/wrapper/content_borderrb.gif); position: absolute; bottom: 34px; height: 134px; right: 0px; width: 5px;} */for the right gradient border*/
    When you expand the DIV in IE, the page expands, but those absolute positioned divs stay in exactly the same place! The result can be seen in this comparison screen shot (the problem issue is hilighted with an arrow):

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    FYI, the page is available here so you can see yourself. If you test it on Firefox/IE7 vs IE6 you should see what I'm talking about:


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    All for that slight gradient..
    You could include the bottom left gradients in the background image you can simply add the background image to the div .inside

    .contentarea .inside {
    background: white url(../images/wrapper/left_right_bottom edges.gif) no-repeat bottom left;
    Then you can do away with the bottom left and right divs that are giving you the hastle.

    You should really be using more divs with id's, wrapper shouldn't be a class name.


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